Mortality, stroke and composite event (stroke/death) were compare

Mortality, stroke and composite event (stroke/death) were compared between procedures after matching of patients by propensity score. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) was our secondary ‘end’ point.

Results: More than 90% of patients in both sexes were asymptomatic (27,439 women and 36,295 men). Compared to men, asymptomatic women experienced more strokes after CEA (women: 1.38%, men: 1.16%, P = 0.03) and higher AMI rates after both procedures (CEA; women: 0.75%, men: 0.51%,

P = 0.0009, CAS; women: 0.96%, men: 0.28%, P = 0.01). Between procedures, symptomatic women undergoing CAS showed higher rates of mortality (CAS: 4.19%, CEA: 0.47%, Galardin clinical trial P = 0.01) and combined (stroke/mortality) events (CAS: 12.09%, CEA: 6.05%, P = 0.02). In all other cohorts, PI3K inhibitor no statistically significant difference was found between the procedures.

Conclusions: Compared to CEA. CAS led to inferior in-hospital outcomes only in symptomatic women in the last decade in NYS. Men and asymptomatic women showed comparable outcomes after both procedures, whereas asymptomatic females were more prone to AMI

after both interventions. These sex-associated differences should be taken into account for the treatment of carotid artery disease. (C) 2012 European Society for Vascular Surgery. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“BACKGROUND: Bubble columns (BCs) and airlift reactors (ALRs) have important applications

as bioreactors, chemical reactors and as contactors in waste-water treatment. The liquid phase properties in these reactors significantly influence the main hydrodynamic and mass transfer characteristics. Dilute alcohol solutions can be used to simulate real industrial systems in bioreactors. However, only a few research studies have considered such systems. The aim of this paper is to broaden the existing experimental data related to the influence of alcohol addition on the main characteristics of draft tube airlift reactors (DT-ALRs), and to propose simple correlations for their prediction.

RESULTS: New experiments were conducted in a DT-ALR with a single orifice sparger, and with dilute aliphatic alcohol solutions from methanol to n-octanol. Also, simple correlations were developed to predict the gas hold-up and volumetric mass transfer coefficients in BCs and DT-ALRs, but also the downcomer liquid velocity and liquid circulation time DT-ALRs with single orifice sparger and dilute alcohol solutions. The proposed correlations included, in addition to the superficial gas velocity, the surface tension gradient as the only factor to characterize the liquid phase.

CONCLUSIONS: General conclusion can be made that the gas holdup increased, but the downcomer liquid velocity decreased in a DT-ALR, with increase in surface tension gradient of the alcohol solutions.

Compared with CTS, N,O-2-CEC, and HPDMBA-CTS, HPDMBA-CEC

Compared with CTS, N,O-2-CEC, and HPDMBA-CTS, HPDMBA-CEC GSK690693 had much stronger antimicrobial activity, and this activity increased with increasing

substitution degree of quaternary ammonium group (DQ). When the substitution degree of carboxyethylation (DS of CE) was 0.72 and DQ was 0.60, the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of HPDMBA-CEC were 3.1 and 6.3 mu g/mL against S. aureus and E. coli, respectively. (C) 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 111: 3010-3015,2009″
“BACKGROUND This is a continued examination of 10 years of prospectively collected Florida in-office adverse event data and new comparable data frommandatory Alabama in-office adverse event data reporting. OBJECTIVE To determine which office surgical procedures have resulted in reported complications.


study is a compilation of mandatory reporting of office surgical complications by Florida and Alabama physicians to a central agency. Reports resulting in death or a hospital transfer were further investigated over the telephone or on-line to determine the reporting physician’s board certification status, hospital privilege status, and office accreditation status.

RESULTS In 10 years in Florida, there were 46 deaths and 263 procedure-related complications and hospital transfers; 56.5% (26/46) of deaths and 49.8% (131/263) of hospital transfers were associated with nonmedically necessary (cosmetic) procedures. The majority of deaths (67%) and hospital transfers (74%) related to non-medically necessary (cosmetic) procedures were from procedures performed on patients under general anesthesia. Liposuction and liposuction with abdominoplasty or other cosmetic procedure resulted in Staurosporine order 10 deaths and 34 hospital transfers. Thirty-eight percent of offices check details reporting adverse events were accredited by an independent accrediting agency, 93% of physicians were board certified, and 98% of physicians had hospital privileges. The most common specialty of physicians reporting adverse events was plastic surgery (45% of all reported complications). Dermatologists reported four total complications

(no deaths) and accounted for 1.3% of all complications over the 10-year period. In 6 years in Alabama, there were three deaths and 49 procedure-related complications and hospital transfers; 42% (22/52) of hospital transfers and no deaths were associated with non-medically necessary (cosmetic) procedures. The majority of hospital transfers related to cosmetic procedures (86%) were from procedures performed on patients under general anesthesia. Liposuction accounted for no deaths and two hospital transfers. Seventy-one percent of offices reporting adverse events were accredited by an independent accrediting agency, and 100% of physicians were board-certified. Plastic surgery was the most common specialty represented in adverse event reporting (42.3% of all reported complications). Dermatologists reported one complication (no deaths) and accounted for 1.

Therefore, ITO proposes

a tissue sampling procedure and a

Therefore, ITO proposes

a tissue sampling procedure and a standard nomenclature for pathological lesions for all sites and tissues in contact with the port-access and/or catheter system. (DOI: 10.1293/tox.24.113; J Toxicol Pathol 2011; 24: 113-124)”
“Primary cutaneous T cell lymphomas (CTCLs) are characterized by hyperproliferation of malignant CD4+ T cells with primary localization on the skin. The common characteristics are the migration of the malignant mature T-lymphocytes into the epidermis, with hyperproliferation of malignant CD4+ T cells and epidermotropism. Sezary syndrome (SS) is the leukemic variant. It was established that CTCLs arise from a clonal expansion of CD4+ T cells with an identical rearrangement of the T cell receptor. The purpose Selleck PXD101 of this study was to evaluate the immunomodulation effect of photochemotherapy-A (psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA)). MAPK inhibitor Pre- and post-PUVA punch skin biopsies of nine patients were stained immunohistochemically for CD34+, CD8+, CD7+, CD16+, CD56+, CD1a+, Bcl2+, p53+, CD45RA+, and CD45RO+ cells. The results showed a pre-PUVA cells/mm(2) without significant difference among expansive or reactive cells. Post-PUVA analysis showed a significant decrease in the mean of expansive-reactive cells. PUVA immunomodulated decreasing

cellular infiltrate. These findings could contribute to the comprehension of how PUVA acts. We achieved ectoscopic Screening Library high throughput clearance of the lesions, although post-PUVA, there still was a mononuclear pathological infiltrate. This result

demonstrates that the PUVA treatment should only be withheld when the histological analysis is normal.”
“Utilization of brewers’ spent grain (BSG), for the development of a fermented liquid product rich in value-added phenolic compounds was investigated. Changes in and liberation of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity during fermentation of BSG was studied. The effect of various particle size (PS), solid liquid (SL) ratio, fermentation time and rotation speed was optimized using response surface methodology (RSM) for the purpose of improving bacterial growth and the enhancement in the release of polyphenolic compounds. Contour maps generated using the response surface equation showed that the experimental variables significantly affected the response. A production of 10.4 log cfu/ml, 2.95 g/l lactic acid accompanied by a release of 268.6 mg Gallic Acid Equivalent (GAE)/ml of phenolic compounds, 135 mg Quercetin equivalent (QE)/ml of flavonoid compounds, 33.7 mg TE/ml ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and 75.1% radical scavenging activity (RSA) was obtained with the optimized factors of 19 h fermentation time, 0.25 SL ratio, 85 rpm and 440 pm PS. Shelf life was monitored over a period of 30 days and the product was shelf stable in terms of bioactive components for 15 days.

Patients became pregnant during treatment for MDR-TB without any

Patients became pregnant during treatment for MDR-TB without any changes in their anti-tuberculosis regimen. None of them had any adverse effects during pregnancy and delivery. No adverse effects were observed in mothers or neonates. The treatment of MDR-TB during pregnancy with a standardised second-line regimen in this study population was safe, with an acceptable rate of treatment success.”
“Increasing evidence focuses on acetaldehyde (ACD) as the mediator of the rewarding and motivational properties of ethanol. Indeed, ACD stimulates dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens and it is self-administered under different conditions. Besides the dopaminergic transmission,

the endocannabinoid system has been reported to play an important role in ethanol central effects, modulating primary alcohol rewarding effect, drug-seeking, and relapse behavior. Drug motivational properties are buy JPH203 highlighted in operant paradigms which include selleck kinase inhibitor response-contingent punishment, a behavioral equivalent of compulsive drug use despite adverse consequences. The aim of this study was thus to characterize ACD motivational and rewarding properties employing an operant-conflict paradigm in which rats, trained to lever press in order to get ACD solution (0.9%), undergo extinction, reinstatement and conflict sessions, according to a modified Geller-Seifter procedure. Furthermore, the role played

by CB1 receptor system in modulating ACD-induced effects were investigated through the administration of CB1 receptor antagonist, AM281 (1

mg/kg, i.p.) during the extinction-, relapse-, and ICG-001 in vivo conflict-experiments. Our results indicate the ACD is able to induce and maintain an operant behavior, a high number of responses during extinction, an increase in the lever presses during the reinstatement phase, and a higher emission of punished responses during the conflict experiments, when compared to controls. The administration of AM281 is able to decrease ACD-seeking behavior during extinction, the number of lever presses during reinstatement and to strongly decrease the punished responses for ACD. Our data strengthen the idea that ACD may be responsible for the central effects of ethanol, and pinpoint at the CB1 system as one of the neural substrates underlying its addictive properties.”
“The detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using a new commercial real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay (Xpert (TM) MTB/RIF) was evaluated on 91 respiratory and 89 non-respiratory samples recovered from 132 patients suspected of tuberculosis (TB). Overall, 31 (17.2%) of the 180 samples, including 17 respiratory and 14 non-respiratory (respectively 17 and 12 PCR-positive), yielded M. tuberculosis on culture. The sensitivity and specificity of PCR were respectively 100% and 100%, and 85.7% and 97.3% for respiratory and non-respiratory samples.

We propose the name Predicted BMI for the value obtained with the

We propose the name Predicted BMI for the value obtained with these formulas and its application in the %EBMIL instead of the constant value of BMI 25. We have analyzed the IBMI and FBMI of a multicenter group of 7,410 patients, subjected to different bariatric procedures with a minimum follow-up of 36 months. Statistical methods with a linear regression model have been used to obtain the two types (global and specific) of Predicted BMI. We first obtained a general formula of PBMI = IBMI x 0.4 + 11.75 for the total population of patients, and a second specific formula for each bariatric technique: PBMI – IBMI x 0.43 + 13.25 + technique_correction_adjustment (.) Predicted BMI and its application to the %EBMIL may result

in a SYN-117 nmr more rational comparison of results of bariatric patients, bariatric techniques, and groups of bariatric surgeons. Predicted BMI may advance the BMI that each patient would probably achieve after surgery.”
“Background: In early 2012, a number of serious events in the implant area raised public awareness and started a discussion on safety issues and monitoring medical devices in academics and politics. Apparently, there is a lack in the surveillance of medical devices. Therefore, the objective of this work is to detect and classify

implant registries in Europe.

Methods and findings: A systematic search EPZ5676 manufacturer of literature was carried out to identify the different types of registries. Furthermore, to characterize the implant registries by different criteria a medical device classification system was established. One hundred and one European registries were found. Most registries exist in the field of cardiac implants and arthroplasty (38 and 29) and their distribution showed variation within Europe. For a lot of implant categories, none or very few registries could be identified. Some countries run more registries than others. There are a lot of differences in aim and structure among the registries.

Conclusion: There is only a limited number of reviews on registries and a centralized monitoring system

in Europe is missing. Our results reveal a lack of transparency concerning number, aim, structure and quality of registries. This is crucial, as registries work as early warning systems for identifying and notifying patients at risk. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ireland Selleck Crenolanib Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) is a systemic disorder of the axial and peripheral skeleton in humans and has incidentally been described in dogs. The aims of this retrospective radiographic cohort study were to determine the prevalence of DISH in an outpatient population of skeletally mature dogs and to investigate if dogs can be used as an animal model for DISH. The overall prevalence of canine DISH was 3.8% (78/2041). The prevalence of DISH increased with age and was more frequent in male dogs, similar to findings in human studies. In the Boxer breed the prevalence of DISH was 40.

“In this study, an optimization of xylanase expression by

“In this study, an optimization of xylanase expression by recombinant Pichia pastoris was carried out with a 2(3) factorial design. The influence of initial cell density, methanol and yeast nitrogen base concentration was evaluated, and the cell density was found to be the most important parameter. Considering AC220 with the yield of enzyme activity and the amount of methanol and YNB used

for fermentation, the optimal conditions in this study for enzyme production were 0.5% (w/v) methanol, 0.8% (w/v) YNB, and initial cell density of 3 x 10(8) cells/ml. The enzyme production in 15-l fermenter with the optimized conditions was performed and a twofold higher xylanase activity was obtained. The produced enzyme was practically free of cellulolytic activity. The molecular mass (21 kDa), optimal pH

(6.0) and substrate specificity of the enzyme were both identical to native enzyme. However, the thermostability of the recombinant enzyme was better than the native enzyme. The optimal temperature for the recombinant Xyn2 was 5 degrees C higher than native Xyn2, and remained at least 90% of its activity after 30 min Flavopiridol order incubation at 55 degrees C. The high level of fully active recombinant xylanase obtained in P. pastoris makes this expression system attractive for fermenter growth and industrial applications. Crown Copyright (C) 2010 Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Study Design. Experimental rat animal study using a new cell delivery system.

Objective. To investigate the therapeutic effects with magnetic targeting

of bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) in a rat spinal cord injury (SCI) model.

Summary of Background Data. Several methods to deliver therapeutic agents have been used for the treatment of SCI in animal studies. However, the most appropriate administration method for clinical application has not been established. Previously, we reported the development of a new cell delivery system using magnetic targeting. This system has buy AZD1208 potential as a clinical application for a minimally invasive and efficient transplant method in SCI.

Methods. Contusion SCI was induced by placing a 25 g rod onto the spinal cord for 90 seconds in adult SD rats. A neodymium magnet was placed in the paravertebral muscles at the T7 level in the magnet group, whereas a nonmagnet metal was placed at the same spinal cord level in the nonmagnet group. Magnetically labeled BMSCs were injected into the subarachnoid space in both the magnet and nonmagnet group.

Results. Aggregations of the BMSCs were detected on the surface of the injured spinal cord in the magnet group, whereas few BMSCs were observed in the nonmagnet group. Hindlimb motor function of the magnet group demonstrated significant improvement compared with that of the nonmagnet group.

Conclusion. This cell delivery system may be a useful method for future clinical application in the treatment of SCI.”
“Background: During skin wounding and healing, skin homeostasis is interrupted.

In the multivariate regression analysis, only CLD


In the multivariate regression analysis, only CLD

remained as an independent factor associated with thrombocytopenia. In addition, thrombocytopenia was more common among patients with indocyanine green retention at 15 min (ICG-R15) of more than 10% than in those with an ICG-R15 of 10% or less. Our results suggest that patients with CLD are at high risk of developing linezolid-related thrombocytopenia. Therefore, they should be targeted for more intense platelet count monitoring during linezolid therapy.”
“The application of bio-control agents in agriculture is gaining tremendous importance. Plants represent a rich source of phytochemicals for bio-pesticides as well as raw material for agro-industries. Phorbol esters Buparlisib mw (PEs), a potent group of phytochemicals can be obtained as a by-product from Jatropha biodiesel industry.

This PEs could be easily extracted from Jatropha buy LY3023414 curcas oil and used in bio-control agent formulations. In our study, long-term stability of methanol extracted phorbol esters enriched fraction (PEEF) was evaluated at different temperatures (room temperature (RT, 22-23 degrees C), 4 degrees C and -80 degrees C; under dark) for >2 years. After day-132, 50% degradation of PEs in PEEF was observed at RT; while PEs was reduced only by 8% and 4% at 4 degrees C and -80 degrees C respectively. The snail bioassay 17DMAG solubility dmso conducted at regular intervals revealed that the PEEF lost biological activity more rapidly at RT, becoming ineffective after 260 days; while at 4 degrees C and -80 degrees C, only 28% and 33% of bioactivity was lost after 870 days. The degradation of PEs was presumed to be due to auto-oxidation. The auto-oxidation of PEEF was reflected with the changes in fatty acid composition, increase in peroxide value and decrease in free radical scavenging activity. Inclusion of antioxidants as additives increased the protection of PEs present in PEEF against degradation. In conclusion, the PEs present in PEEF are susceptible

to oxidation and addition of antioxidant is required to increase their shelf life. It is recommended to store PEEF at cold storage facilities (<= 4 degrees C). If cold storage facilities are not available, then it is advisable to add stabilizers (0.09-0.13 mg/g PEs) before storing PEEF at room temperature. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Hypothesis: To test whether there are significant differences in pediatric and adult temporal bone anatomy as related to cochlear implant (CI) surgery.

Background: Surgeons rely upon anatomic landmarks including the round window (RW) and facial recess (FR) to place CI electrodes within the scala tympani. Anecdotally, clinicians report differences in orientation of such structures in children versus adults.

Methods: Institutional review board approval was obtained.

In this article, the dynamics involved in indentation-based nanom

In this article, the dynamics involved in indentation-based nanomechanical property measurement is investigated to reveal that the convoluted dynamics effect can be described as the difference between the lightly damped probe-sample interaction and

the overdamped nanomechanical behavior of the soft sample. Thus, these two different dynamics effects can be decoupled via numerical fitting based on the viscoelastic model of the soft material. The proposed approach is illustrated by implementing it to compensate for the dynamics convolution effect on a broadband viscoelasticity measurement of a polydimethylsiloxane sample using a scanning probe microscope.”
“Although unexplained lymphadenopathics are not particular prevalent in the general population (<1%), they represent a diagnostic dilemma. The differential diagnosis is broad, and although only few diseases will be either severe or treatable, patients as well as their doctors are in check details fear of missing a relevant diagnosis such as a malignancy.

For the differential diagnosis it is prudent to distinguish between localised

and generalised Bafilomycin A1 mechanism of action lymphadenopathy. Seventy-five percent of all lymphadenopathies are localised and often caused by a specific pathology in the area of drainage, which can be diagnosed without additional investigations. If the diagnosis is unclear, the patient is clinically stable and there is no suspicion of malignancy, it is safe to wait for three to four weeks and observe the clinical course. Exceptions are supra- and Infraclavicular lymph nodes, which are always suspicious of an underlying malignancy.

Twenty-five percent of lymphadenopathies are generalised and are often a sign of a significant underlying

disease. A diagnosis of lymphoma, malignancy, HIV infection or tuberculosis should not be missed. Excisional biopsy is regarded as the diagnostic method of choice, since it allows C59 wnt an assessment of the architecture of the lymph node as well as histological, immunohistochemical, cytogenetic and molecular investigations.”
“The general hospital can play an important role in training of higher surgical trainees (HSTs) in Ireland and abroad. Training opportunities in such a setting have not been closely analysed to date.

The aim of this study was to quantify operative exposure for HSTs over a 5-year period in a single institution.

Analysis of electronic training logbooks (over a 5-year period, 2007-2012) was performed for general surgery trainees on the higher surgical training programme in Ireland. The most commonly performed adult and paediatric procedures per trainee, per year were analysed.

Standard general surgery operations such as herniae (average 58, range 32-86) and cholecystectomy (average 60, range 49-72) ranked highly in each logbook. The most frequently performed emergency operations were appendicectomy (average 45, range 33-53) and laparotomy for acute abdomen (average 48, range 10-79).

(C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc J Appl Polym Sci 121: 3590-3595,

(C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 121: 3590-3595, 2011″
“Polycrystalline Fe(3-x)PtxO(4) films have been prepared by cosputtering at room-temperature. The composition, magnetization and Hall effect measurements indicate that Pt ions have been doped at B-sites. The resistivity is dominated by fluctuation-induced tunneling and decreases with increasing x. The absolute magnetoresistance at room-temperature is above 7% for x <= 0.07. The carrier concentration is lower than that this website of the single-crystal and epitaxial films. A scaling relation of sigma(xy) alpha sigma(xx) between the Hall and longitudinal conductivities is

obtained for all samples, which fits well with the recent developed universal scaling theory. The decreasing trend of the exponent n from 1.72 to 1.57 with increasing x could be qualitatively ascribed to the influence of the Pt(2+) ions on the magnetic scattering center concentration of the B-sites Fe(2+) ions. These findings make the Fe(3-x)Pt(x)O(4) film a useful candidate for spintronic or extraordinary Hall effect devices applications. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3563080]“
“Nonwoven mats were fabricated from a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)/polyethylene glycol 1000 Da (PEG 1000) blend by the electrospinning process. PEG 1000 is a low-temperature phase change material AZD9291 mw that acts as a heat storage material,

while PVDF serves as a supporting material to afford a mechanically strong form-stable structure. Addition of fumed silica to electrospun (e-spun) PVDF/PEG 1000 nanofibers helped prevent the leakage of molten PEG 1000 during the solid-liquid phase change, as confirmed by field emission scanning electron microscopy. It was

also found that the addition of fumed silica helps improve the mechanical strength of the PVDF/PEG 1000 nonwoven mats. The thermal properties of PVDF/PEG 1000 and PVDF/PEG 1000/fumed silica composite nonwoven mats were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry. There were no significant changes in the melting temperature and heat of fusion of PEG 1000 after 100 heating/cooling cycles, thereby confirming that these nonwoven mats have high thermal stability. The fumed-silica-incorporated PVDF/PEG 1000 nonwoven mats had large energy storage capacity and excellent mechanical strength. Hence, the aforementioned types of mats are thought to have various applications in energy storage and in the manufacture of thermoregulating textiles. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 121: 35963603, 2011″
“A new negative temperature coefficient of resistor (NTCR) thermistors based on nitrile butadiene rubber/magnetite (NBR/Fe(3)O(4)) nanocomposites were successfully fabricated by conventional roll milling technique. X-ray diffraction and transmission (TEM) analysis showed that the product is mainly magnetite nanoparticles with diameter of 10-13 nm.

“Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (CEP) is a rare enzym

“Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (CEP) is a rare enzymatic disorder of heme metabolism, leading to the accumulation of porphyrins in the skin LY3039478 and subdermal structures. We present the case of a 34-year-old, right-hand-dominant, male patient with CEP. The patient had developed

a chronic open subluxation of the left index finger proximal interphalangeal joint due to skin necrosis. We successfully treated the patient with proximal interphalangeal arthrodesis. This case demonstrates that childhood-onset CEP can also manifest in the adult hand. Considering the patient’s age, the destructive nature of the disease, and the poor quality of function in older patients with childhood CEP, surgical intervention was necessary Fer-1 manufacturer to avoid further digital length loss. Although the treatment described in this case report is not uncommon, we found it essential to present this case because the clinical presentation of CEP is rare.”
“To satisfy increasing demands for fish as food, progress must occur towards greater aquaculture productivity whilst

retaining the wild and farmed genetic resources that underpin global fish production. We review the main selection methods that have been developed for genetic improvement in aquaculture, and discuss their virtues and shortcomings. Examples of the application of mass, cohort, within family, and combined between-family and within-family selection are given. In addition, we review the manner in which fish genetic resources can be GKT137831 lost at the intra-specific, species and ecosystem levels and discuss options to best prevent this. We illustrate that fundamental principles of genetic

management are common in the implementation of both selective breeding and conservation programmes, and should be emphasized in capacity development efforts. We highlight the value of applied genetics approaches for increasing aquaculture productivity and the conservation of fish genetic resources.”
“The aim of this study was to characterize the process of atomization and drying of layer-by-layer emulsions containing lecithin (single layer emulsion) and lecithin/chitosan (bilayer emulsion) and the oxidative stability of the microcapsules during storage. For this purpose, the analysis of the emulsion spray droplet size during two-fluid nozzle and rotary atomization was carried out to identify suitable process parameters. The drying behaviour of single and bilayer emulsions was investigated by calculation of the volume flow density during single-droplet drying during acoustic levitation. In spray-dried solid particles, the oxidative stability in the single layer microcapsules was higher than in the bilayer microcapsules. This was partly attributed to lower microencapsulation efficiency in the bilayer microcapsules compared to the single layer microcapsules.